Beautiful Green Skirt

My sister latest creation, a beautiful green skirt with a little splash of purple and blue on our friend Adneiphi.


Dr Pepper Anyone?

As the story goes, it was her friend’s birthday party and she decided to surprise her with a cake. It was sooooo beautifully done, for an amateur, that the waitress at the restaurant chided them for having brought the bottle in and asked it to be put away, until it was cut open. Happy Birthday, yes it is a cake. 

I have featured Ms Jenny previously and her beautiful work, she is the awesome creator of Le Petit Pie and many amazing creative things. If you would like to see more of her work or would like to contact her regarding her pies, they are delicious, trust me, hop on to Facebook: LePetitPie.    


My Sister, The Designer

Did you really think I was the only talented one in the family? Think again, so is my sister and, my niece but let's talk about my sister.

She lives in Switzerland, drove to Luxembourg for Christmas to visit with family. In between the fun, three bridesmaids dresses were commissioned. She takes their measurements, drives back to Switzerland and makes the dresses. They were mailed back two weeks ago and to my sister's amazement, they fit to precision with only minor alterations were needed. Mind you, no fitting was ever done. Fast forward past weekend, there they were, smiling and looking gorgeous at their friend's wedding. Moi?! I am one proud sister. In case you wonder where we learned the skill from, our mother.