A Hat On a Bag

It was always intended to be a pillowcase. Now, it depends on where it will land; on a head or on a bed.

Fabric Without a Direction

There are two sides to this bag, none like peas in a pod. There is no right side or wrong side but the correct side for you. Whatever makes you feel good; whatever brings you joy. Use the yellow side with a yellow dress and the red side with a red dress depending on the day and the mood out.

This too was a fabric without a direction. I thought it would end up as pillowcase but in the end, after sizing it up, I did a U turn and made it into a bag. It turned out just perfectly gorgeous.

A day in a park, not! A day at your best friend’s house, delicious.


The Making of The Tapestry

This is a much larger painting that it appears. It was a challenge to put it together because the fabric never stretched prior to painting. It was up and down with the paint bruch … Once completed, it was lined to make it thick and then sewed. I broke a few needles a couple of times but as long as it is not my finger, I just keep on going.

Jewelry Bits And Pieces

The Making of The Jewelry

I have been buying and collecting beads for a while, just for the heck of it; just because I wanted to keep myself occupied, try some other medium, challenge myself and try something new.

I had no idea what I was going to do with them. I did not know what color and how to put together, if to use thread or wire, which hock... I was totally lost.

Their arrangement was fascinating and the use of the tools was even more challenging.


Beautiful Seat Covers

Experimenting. I needed to protect my chairs and instead of buying the covers, I made them. What a beautiful concept. They are 3 groups of 2.

First Decorative Pillow

I just completed my first decorative pillow. The case was done on June 6, 2008; it only took me a year but I am ecstatic.


Moon Walk

From a little doddle during a meeting to a beautiful handbag. That’s what I call makeover.


And The First Bag Was Born

I really didn’t know what to do with this fabric after completing it. Thought it did not cart any character. So, I decided to make a bag out of it… and then the first bag was born.

Drawing Is My Religion

I intended to pay attention to the Reverend, my religion professor, lecture‘s but it did not always worked. Appreciated the man but the class was boring. At end of the semester, I got the artwork and an A. Thank God for book reviews.

Good Ole Bic Ink

I was in college and undecided about a major so I decided to take an Visual Design class. By the end of the semester, the professor suggested I change my major and my answer was, "what heck am I doing to do with arts?!" I should have listened to the professor; taken him seriously. They know best right?

This drawing is all ink from a pen. There is no other medium but my hands, Bristol drawing sheet and the good ole Bic pen.



Welcome to AmpaBlue Creations, a blog dedicated to sharing my creative life, my artistic gift.

I grew up sewing, designing dresses for friends and family. Over the years, I delved into other mediums such as wall painting, murals, elementary school book illustrations, poetry book covers, and drawings. However, I always aspired to be a fabric designer. I never got a chance to officially materialize the dream as I have never attended any schooling for the craft but ended up painting on fabric.

I did not teach myself how to paint; I was born a painter.

The story of how I became a fabric painter is long but I will make it short.

Once upon a time, I planned to attend Fort Lauderdale Art Institute but factors came into play. While flipping through the channels one day, I came across HGTV. I saw a segment on working with the medium and got to work. I bought a yard of white cotton, a few bottles of fabric paint, brushes, and begun the endeavor that is today my passion.

The first product was memorable. I first sketched it and then transported to the fabric. Once set in place, I began painting. It came out really good but unfortunately, I no longer have the piece but its picture; it walked away mysteriously.

It is interesting to note that I learned to mix and create my own colors that became the core for “No One Item Is The Same”; simply put it, the end result is unique. The design may be the same – which in most case they are not but the colors will always be different. I have yet to recreate them.

I have been creating these fabrics for the past seven years like one mad person without a concrete map, and most recently took in jewelry designing. I had an idea about the process but it has been hard and long. Aside from those close to me, the work has never been shown in a larger scale.

In addition to this blog, I maintain a second blog, LudlumDrive.wordress.com, where I write about life. I have also written Raining in May, a collection of poetry book that you can find at your local bookstores.

Thank you for visiting.