An Awesome Mistake

Every now and then we make mistakes that in the long run, turn out something interesting, catching, even better that what we had envisioned. Case in point, this pillow for example. The intention was to have the flowers to appear in the upper right position, the most obvious and logical layout. However, it was not until a few minutes later that I realized I had sewn the zipper in the incorrect position, in the opposite of the intended side. I was disappointed! Since I did not want to cut the fabric or remove and reattach the zipper, I began to think on ways to correct the error. I decided to turn the half done pillow around and to my dismay, I liked what I saw. And so it is. Instead of the flowers appear now on top as expected, they now appear at the bottom contrary to what I envisioned. Not bad!



The Final Product


Sneak Peek at New Ndebele Collection!!!

It is almost complete but I do not seem to end it. When I think I am done with one pillow, I seem to find another one to add to the pack. I got to stop, finish it and move on to the next one. Otherwise, I will never be done.



It Does Not Happen Often!

Working on the latest collection and unthinkable that has not occurred in a while just happened, I broke a needle.