My New Concept of Yellow...

Huge grapefruits! I have seen them big but not this big. Found them on my way to America's mother store, Walmart. These things were bigger than new born's head. I should have measured them but take it from me, they were this big.

One Awesome Beetle

I was heading home the other day when I came across this beautiful work of art. I wonder if VW is even aware of it and how long it took the owner to work on the design. It is even cuter from the side but it is pink in front. Is it in honor of the movie? Whatever it is, I think it is awesome!



I am working on the ampablue website, yes I am doing it myself and praying that it will look appealing in the end but it does not appear to be going as fast I would like it to be going. This looks good today but not so appealing tomorrow. It is always about the design, the text, the color not matching; the content, the pictures but in the end, hopefully, I am just looking for one awesome product .


Before and After

I just love what H.J. Heinz Co. did with the ketchup packet. After 40 years of the same old design, they unveiled a new shaped like a shallow cup packet last Thursday. Not only that they got creative, innovative showcasing new designs by elementary school children across U.S.. Here are just some examples, they are cute!

Sarah J. 1st Grade
Bay Heaven Charter Academy, FL
Esmeralda D., 4th Grade
Norma Butler Bossard, FL