The Making of Pauline

She was conceived on a 8x10 paper on a beautiful afternoon after a day of creativity binge. It began as this beautiful drawing ending up as this blown up diva.

After a few copies here and there, and after feeling comfortable with the intended size, she was blown out of proportion, literately to a 55" X 37 image.

Here she is being traced to the white fabric. 

What is a girl to do but showing her true colors?! Well part of it, as she begins to take shape. 

Pauline is feeling comfortable, almost in her environment. The colors are there but it requires additional finishing touches.

 This is the lining that will be inserted and give her the volume that she needs. 

Still under the needle and thread, carefully being confectionated, one stitch at time. 

After three long weeks, she is finally here, waiting for the final curtain call. 

Paulina, The Party Animal is all ready to see and be seen.  She is assertive, confident, lovely, courageous, graceful, great personality, pleasant, professional, athletic, sexy, warm, gracious, attractive, angelic, striking, captivating, fascinating, poetical… and will be profiled in various ways, depicting the woman that she is.