Clover Canyon Resort Collection 2014

With exuberant electrifying prints, "every season is Resort at Clover Canyon," said designer Rozae Nichols created a masterpiece collection. Cuba, Havana-themed motifs like classic Caddy cars, cigars, tropical fruit, jute, and vibrant mosaic tiles, was the destination but any spy would see that they dabbed a bit into African prints. The collection has my name on it. Love, love everything about it and wouldn't mind to buy the whole thing. My closet would be screaming not enough space so, I digress. Enjoy it! To view more, click on Clover Canyon

Look 2

Look 3

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Lovely To A Tea

Hosting a Tea Party or Bridal Shower? What a great concept? A sea of cupcakes.
Source: Colin Cowie Weddings


African Fabrics and Shoes

What a concept! They are colorful. They chic. They stylist. They are made of African fabrics. They are delicious and ready for summer. Way to go!

Simple | Elegante | Chic

Suggestion on what to do with your African fabric. Work of designer FenixCouture.


And The Way It Was…

My art work was in display last weekend among many other artists.

 Decorative pillows on white fabric and adorned with silk.

 The newest creation. I am yet to name it. 

I love it when my work peeks anyone’s interest. It is a mix of paint, embroidery, fabric.. it is not quilt but tapestries.

They wanted to know if it was hand painted or I used something else because of the precise lines. 
It takes practice. Practice, practice, practice…

Other Artists

He uses recycled engineering fuses to make the trees and now, he began making wall decor with zippers. Cool idea right?