It Takes A Village!

There is something about getting ready for a show. It takes a village. The boxes are made. The products are in place. The bags are packed but one is never ready. There is always a last minute "thing" that pops out of nowhere and makes your head spin but it is never The End. You get up, dust off the feathers and "deal" with it. Yes, deal with it. One can have an online store, Facebook account, Twitter and all the nine yards but nothing like mingling, fraternizing with your supporters, those who appreciate your craft. This is the reason why we try to participate at shows and events as much as we can so people, they can sample your work, get to know you.


 All packed!

So, we are inviting you in the Miami/Ft.Laudardale/Palm Beach area, to come on down to Miami Lakes Garden Club Fall Craft Show tomorrow from 10AM - 4PM. Enjoy arts, crafts, music, food. Entrance and parking is free. See you there!


The New Marriage in Louis Vuitton World

Louis Vuitton latest collaboration is Japanese modern artist Yayoi Kusama. The artist took polka-dot to new heights in their new collaboration, the new collection officially title, Infinitely Kusama. The collection will be available in October in all Vuitton's 463 boutiques but also a few Kusama only pop-up shops as indicated below.

Click here to view the collection
Click here to view artist Yayoi Kusama body of work.

Can you see yourself in there? Maybe not so fun for the lightheaded people.

Dots dots everywhere...

Funky huh?!

I love the color combination. Some people would call it carnival, others will call it just perfect!

The bags are mainly Vuitton classics redone in Monogram Vernis leather with Kusama’s signature spots, and the shoes just artistically created.

 I wonder if she will do any jewelry. 

The shoes are also a delight. 

Where is the party at? Too bad I can't parade the headscarf at the office!

To the park I am not but to the office I am. 

The world of Yayoi Kusama. Do you see yourself in any of the pieces?


Let The Olympics Uniform Games Begin!

Now that the Olympics is only a few days away, Time Magazine has put out their list of the best and worst uniforms. Some of them are huh?, the reason they are in the worst category and the others, let's just say, they spell fashionista from a far. However, the boys and girls in black, green and yellow are rocking it. They have me at hello! They were not voted #1 for nothing. With nearly 60% of the votes and designed by Cedella Marley, one of Bob Marley's daughter, the colors just catches anyone's attention. It is fashion to the max all the way. Hope they will make a splash!

The best are as follows: Jamaica, South Korea, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom.

Pick and chose your best here. My pick below:

#1 Jamaica

#2 New Zealand

#3 Germany

#4 South Korea

#5 USA


What Not 2 Do…

Work at night apparently! I just recently learned that I seem to be leaving hidden "footnotes" on every piece I make. There is always one mismatched bead here, another there, scattered mysteriously, appearing off key.

Case in point, the picture below. I had not realized the slip until after the picture was taken. It only tells me that I, perhaps, should stop working at night - hum I don't foresee that happening, need more light or new lenses, or I am daltonic - not!

Part of me is of the opinion that I should leave the piece as it is, to create its own charm. But my money is on me redoing the whole piece as my perfectionist self tells me that the alien bead, will soon evaporate, just like water!


In Search of Anything Made In The USA

It was one beautiful weekend and sales, sales, sales signs were plastered everywhere. So, what a girl to do other then go shopping.

I looked through both designer and non designer garments but as I was picking through each, it suddenly dawned on me that every piece of clothing I was touching, was “born somewhere else”, they were all “foreigner”.

 Made in Vietnam

 Made in China

 Made in India

 Made in Indonesia

I searched but could not find one piece made in… Hawaii or California or Alaska or Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands. They were all confectionated somewhere else. This is my quest to find that garment, any garment Made In The USA. Hopefully, it will be a easy search. Hopefully, I will find it tomorrow or before year’s end. I am going on a scavenger hunt for that one garment. And the search begins but if you find one, don't hesitate to post it!


Snake On The Prowl

It is purple, yellow and green, it is snake on the prowl, moving steadily. She is still in the works and will be unveiled soon.


Colors 4 Spring & Summer

What not to wear? Eclectic and exciting colors to wear for this Spring & Summer. But the names, where they pick them anyway?


Caribbean Queen

From red to yellow to green, the Caribbean Queen necklace matches the vibrant colors of Summer. The challenge was remembering to place the colors in the correct sequence and not misstep.


Green Snake

I decided to take flat spirals to new height. I was tired of making the bracelets and decided to create a line of elegant necklaces and earrings to go along with it while paying attention to the color combinations. I just finished working on this beautiful necklace.


There Is A Little IKEA on All of Us.

From IKEA Elly dish towel to awesome aprons. There is a story!

Our choir was putting an Italian dinner party together back in March. I volunteered to make aprons since the theme was "professional" and uniformed. We needed consistency. So, instead of making everything from scratch, I decided to tweak the dish towels and make them into what they became. What a concept huh? It was a lot work but well worth and for a good cause!

They were made with a single hand towel and strips of additional fabric for the ties. I added waist, bottom ruffle and pocket, and voila!

Step one: do it yourself.

Step two: help others.

Step three: smile when completed. The dinner was a success and everyone looked beautiful. The end!

It Runs In The Family!

I had the idea but she beat me to it. My niece creating her new shoes. I must confess that she did a pretty good job for an amateur. Not worries, I am not in any danger of losing my mojo! Too bad I could not hire her as my assistant. I could use one! And an idea was born!

I love how they turned out. Just gorgeous. The combination of colors harmonizing meticulously, the precision of the brush strokes as if it was manufactured and not hand painted. Yes, hand painted, freehand. No drawings, just strokes, one by one.

I didn't know that much talent was there, then again, she is my niece. I did not discourage her, neither volunteered to do it or suggested any colors. It was all her. Just supervised and gave my two cents when asked.

Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Steve Madden, eat your heart out! Here we come…



I stumbled into beading one day when I found myself looking for a new store since the one I usually bought beads from, closed down. I searched the net and found Clasp on-Clasp off, The Artists Choice (www.beadneed.com). I was mesmerized by what I saw. Like one of the ladies said, "I reach a climax every time I come to the store" and I can attest to that. Love going there and love to learn new things every week. It definitely keeps me occupied.

This is the second item I have made and the first bracelet. I hope to do more and more because I have found another passion. 

What you will need...

The process...
 TP 01

  TP 02

  TP 03

  TP 04

 TP 05

  TP 06


Latest Craze

In case you are wondering what I am up to, working in many different fronts and it involves this,


and this fabric.

Hope they will look as beautiful as I envisioned them.  Back to work!