The Making of Pauline

She was conceived on a 8x10 paper on a beautiful afternoon after a day of creativity binge. It began as this beautiful drawing ending up as this blown up diva.

After a few copies here and there, and after feeling comfortable with the intended size, she was blown out of proportion, literately to a 55" X 37 image.

Here she is being traced to the white fabric. 

What is a girl to do but showing her true colors?! Well part of it, as she begins to take shape. 

Pauline is feeling comfortable, almost in her environment. The colors are there but it requires additional finishing touches.

 This is the lining that will be inserted and give her the volume that she needs. 

Still under the needle and thread, carefully being confectionated, one stitch at time. 

After three long weeks, she is finally here, waiting for the final curtain call. 

Paulina, The Party Animal is all ready to see and be seen.  She is assertive, confident, lovely, courageous, graceful, great personality, pleasant, professional, athletic, sexy, warm, gracious, attractive, angelic, striking, captivating, fascinating, poetical… and will be profiled in various ways, depicting the woman that she is.


Beading, The Making of a Bracelet

I stumbled into beading one day when I found myself looking for a new store since the one I usually bought beads from, closed down. I searched the net and found Clasp on-Clasp off, The Artists Choice (www.beadneed.com). I was mesmerized by what I saw. Like one of the ladies said, "I reach a climax every time I come to the store" and I can attest to that. Love going there and love to learn new things every week. It definitely keeps me occupied.

This is the second item I have made and the first bracelet. I hope to do more and more because I have found another passion. 

What you will need...

The process...
 TP 01

  TP 02

  TP 03

  TP 04

 TP 05

  TP 06


Something In The Making

Working on something interesting. It is going to take a while and hope to complete it by next week.

The pearl bead is place inside to hold it steady.

Growing by the minute. This is how far I was able to get in three hours. Judging by this, I am thinking that it will take me a total of twenty hours to finish it off.


My New Best Friend

She dances, she sings, she does things I have never thought before. Take your picture, create your own design, staff the chip in the machine, click the button and see the magic happening, just like that. You name it, every type of stitch you can find in the book is included. She is now my best friend.


They Are Here. Introducing....

Guess what has finally arrived today all handmade in the USA?! They are not blue, like ampablue or purple like color purple. Red goes with everything right?!


My New Craze

As if I did not have anything else to do, now I am taking classes to learn how to bead, lacy loops… this is just a start, more is yet to come. I used red and black, and these kind of beads just for practice. Plan to use czech glass or seed beads the next time, do something exciting...


One Confused Table

 Working on a new accessories collection and as usual, it is one messy and confused table but I am able to find anything I am looking for.

My New Accessory

This is what happens when you do repetitive work. Your wrist goes south. Woke up one day with discomfort. Went to Dr and got me a new accessory.


A Solution For An Old Age Issue

What to do with all the plastic bags?! We can't live without them nor can the supermarkets.

The crusaders are trying to make us aware and conscious about plastic and its impact on the environment but some of us are still unable to connect or down right reject the idea of environment destruction or climate change. So, I came up with this perfect design solution, note there are many other designs out there, to help solve the issue at least temporarily for as long as the bag is in use.

It is pertinent to note that Walmart encourages its customers to return the bags to to a participating store for recycling but most often then not, they hand up in a trash can under a sink in the kitchen or bathroom somewhere.

I used Walmart plastic bags as the test case, let's face it, what else would I be using but plan to use other designs and plastic bags from other supermarkets or stores. Whatever I can land my hands on!

Note + The "Spark" Design. Walmart and Save Money. Live Better. are marks and/or registered marks of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.