Tasty Eats

Candies anyone?! They look might tasty to me. Just pop one in your mouth and let it melt away. Sorry, not a go!


They are just gorgeous havaianas as they are called in Brazil and this is how they arrived to me. I thought they were huge candies, not! They are a bawl of creativity more to be displayed for their artistry than worn. Their slogan says it all, "They don't lose their shape, don't smell and the straps don't get loose". I just love their prints, colors, models and fun images they display. To learn more, visit  http://usa.havaianas.com/en-US/home/

Is It Pink Or Is It Blue?!

Tomorrow will come! I have been posting the subject all over and many are thinking the unthinkable. No, it is not that but the big announcement is tomorrow. Hint, hint... it is blue!