Something In The Making

Working on something interesting. It is going to take a while and hope to complete it by next week.

The pearl bead is place inside to hold it steady.

Growing by the minute. This is how far I was able to get in three hours. Judging by this, I am thinking that it will take me a total of twenty hours to finish it off.


My New Best Friend

She dances, she sings, she does things I have never thought before. Take your picture, create your own design, staff the chip in the machine, click the button and see the magic happening, just like that. You name it, every type of stitch you can find in the book is included. She is now my best friend.


They Are Here. Introducing....

Guess what has finally arrived today all handmade in the USA?! They are not blue, like ampablue or purple like color purple. Red goes with everything right?!


My New Craze

As if I did not have anything else to do, now I am taking classes to learn how to bead, lacy loops… this is just a start, more is yet to come. I used red and black, and these kind of beads just for practice. Plan to use czech glass or seed beads the next time, do something exciting...