Colors 4 Spring & Summer

What not to wear? Eclectic and exciting colors to wear for this Spring & Summer. But the names, where they pick them anyway?


Caribbean Queen

From red to yellow to green, the Caribbean Queen necklace matches the vibrant colors of Summer. The challenge was remembering to place the colors in the correct sequence and not misstep.


Green Snake

I decided to take flat spirals to new height. I was tired of making the bracelets and decided to create a line of elegant necklaces and earrings to go along with it while paying attention to the color combinations. I just finished working on this beautiful necklace.


There Is A Little IKEA on All of Us.

From IKEA Elly dish towel to awesome aprons. There is a story!

Our choir was putting an Italian dinner party together back in March. I volunteered to make aprons since the theme was "professional" and uniformed. We needed consistency. So, instead of making everything from scratch, I decided to tweak the dish towels and make them into what they became. What a concept huh? It was a lot work but well worth and for a good cause!

They were made with a single hand towel and strips of additional fabric for the ties. I added waist, bottom ruffle and pocket, and voila!

Step one: do it yourself.

Step two: help others.

Step three: smile when completed. The dinner was a success and everyone looked beautiful. The end!

It Runs In The Family!

I had the idea but she beat me to it. My niece creating her new shoes. I must confess that she did a pretty good job for an amateur. Not worries, I am not in any danger of losing my mojo! Too bad I could not hire her as my assistant. I could use one! And an idea was born!

I love how they turned out. Just gorgeous. The combination of colors harmonizing meticulously, the precision of the brush strokes as if it was manufactured and not hand painted. Yes, hand painted, freehand. No drawings, just strokes, one by one.

I didn't know that much talent was there, then again, she is my niece. I did not discourage her, neither volunteered to do it or suggested any colors. It was all her. Just supervised and gave my two cents when asked.

Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Steve Madden, eat your heart out! Here we come…