Flea Market Findings

I don't always hit the flea market but when I do, I try to find items that speak to me. I rarely find a think but check out what I was able to grab on Saturday and all for just seven bucks.

A vintage jacket that may or may not have a different journey once I totally lay my hands on it. I just like to change things and give me signature. I grabbed it just for its design and color, it is blue after all. Who would think a fabric used to adorn a home, could also be used for a jacket, how cool is that?

Not that I really needed a make-up bag. I am a minimalist in that regard but bought it to serve as a storage for my world of bracelets once they are completed and also as a added decor on many future projects. Art direction in motion.  

I am a scarf person. I live for scarf. I have an assortment of them and just found a little corner on the drawer for it. I am pretty sure I will wear it sometimes but bought it mostly for what you will see below, 

Voila, Eiffel Tower, Paris. 

Call me crazy!


My Art, My Creation, My Work

I am a woman show. I live in a schizophrenic world, no pun intended but my hands are like tentacles extending everywhere.  They move around faster then birds migrating south. I am just creative so they say.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a fashion designer so I began sewing, to the point I had my own clients, high school friends, a skill I learned from my mother at tender age of 16. I was riding high, I loved it but it all stopped when I moved to the States where you live and breathe ready to wear, and college took over. 

I was creating and it felt great to see my work on others. Undone, I moved on, dreaming on becoming a fabric designer. So, I began sketching while innocently searching for factories with no way of knowing it would come to fulfillment.

As fait would have it, I ended up in the same city the factories were to be located but as it has happened with many factories, they moved to China. However, the world today is our oyster. We live in the digital age where anything and everything is possible as long as you try.

I thought about combining my two loves, well one of many, designing and sewing and create beautiful pieces for a long, long time but kept putting it in the back burner. I had ideas, may ideas and they were that, ideas until now.

It is without further ado that I present you my first installment of my two loves. The fabric you see, it is mine and the bags, I made them from head to toe.  They are ©Ampablue Creations. Hope you love them as much as I loved making them.