Coming Soon To a Theater Near You

I am sitting here racking my brain up, torturing myself to the max, going around the circles with my tails between my legs, searching for a solution to no avail. Call me crazy!

The thing is I have been commissioned to create a new hand painted bag. The client is not looking for a specific design or color but a bag, nothing less, nothing more.

The fact of the matter is that my creative juices have been down in the pits lately. The more I beat myself up, the more I seem to hit a hole in the ground. It is just not there, the inspiration button seems to have been turned off temporarily.

It has been that pitiful but then, suddenly, without a care in the world, a light bulb went on in my head. It donned on me that I did not have to go very far. I mean, I have been creating these fabrics for years, unruly painting like a factory assembly line and storing them in the closet somewhere, waiting for the angels to come down from heaven.

They were intended to adorn your beautiful home in the form of decorative pillows, which I did with a few, click here but flashback a few years, when the owner is out, the cats will come out to play. So,  playing we are, playing we will. Stay tuned for a few interesting things coming soon to a theater near you.


An Assortment of Colors

One of my weakness is that I am never satisfied with only one thing. I learn it and then begin to think about ways to recreate it, make it in different colors so to please everyone. Let's face it, we all don't think or dress alike, or have the same taste. So, based on that alone, I like to give everyone a variety to pick from. Many others have been made since that I learned that very first piece and hope to unveil soon. Remember, these are very intricate pieces and it can take up to four weeks to complete one, slowly, step by step, one hole at a time.

Gray and black will make an elegant piece

Blue and white will do for night and/or day 

Blue, red, gold, purple... so many to pick from.


The Making Of Crazy About Face

It begins with a sketch somewhere. I am known to not discriminate. I sketch wherever I can lay my hands on; there may be on a piece of paper, a napkin, a leave, whatever...

The sketch is then blown up at Kinkos and traced into fabric. I use cotton but have also used silk, one of the most strenuous fabric to work on.

Now, this is what I consider to be one of the most complex of the steps, the selection of the colors. I seldom use the basic color. I must confess, I never select them in advance, never sit to arrange them beforehand. It is just not me. The color combination comes in tandem as I move along. Sometimes, they are painted on so to harmonize, others are situated "as asked". You will see what I am referring to later. They are always mixed to create my own color. So, the motto, no one piece is the same because the colors can never be recreated. They could but a hue will be a tad altered somewhere.

I was drawn first to the leave, why I don't know. I just did since it is in the middle. The color was later replaced with a more suitable green. 

I did not put much thought into these three colors. They harmonized so perfectly that everything else took off from there. They served as a base and the remainder of the colors were worked around them. 

The face begins to take shape. Other colors are introduced. 

Much of the face has been done but clearly, there is just something wrong with this picture. It is too heavy, dusky and not gracious at all.

Yes, his nose is no longer brown but placid. What a difference a nose makes?

Add the lining.

Tack and sew all the layers, there are at least three, together.

And voila. You got yourself a 64"x37" tapestry!


Clover Canyon Resort Collection 2014

With exuberant electrifying prints, "every season is Resort at Clover Canyon," said designer Rozae Nichols created a masterpiece collection. Cuba, Havana-themed motifs like classic Caddy cars, cigars, tropical fruit, jute, and vibrant mosaic tiles, was the destination but any spy would see that they dabbed a bit into African prints. The collection has my name on it. Love, love everything about it and wouldn't mind to buy the whole thing. My closet would be screaming not enough space so, I digress. Enjoy it! To view more, click on Clover Canyon

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7


Lovely To A Tea

Hosting a Tea Party or Bridal Shower? What a great concept? A sea of cupcakes.
Source: Colin Cowie Weddings


African Fabrics and Shoes

What a concept! They are colorful. They chic. They stylist. They are made of African fabrics. They are delicious and ready for summer. Way to go!

Simple | Elegante | Chic

Suggestion on what to do with your African fabric. Work of designer FenixCouture.


And The Way It Was…

My art work was in display last weekend among many other artists.

 Decorative pillows on white fabric and adorned with silk.

 The newest creation. I am yet to name it. 

I love it when my work peeks anyone’s interest. It is a mix of paint, embroidery, fabric.. it is not quilt but tapestries.

They wanted to know if it was hand painted or I used something else because of the precise lines. 
It takes practice. Practice, practice, practice…

Other Artists

He uses recycled engineering fuses to make the trees and now, he began making wall decor with zippers. Cool idea right? 


Getting ready for a show this weekend. Yes, these are not ordinary paints, they are fabric paints and that’s my muse. 


Shoping Palooza

The ladies came to shop and shop they did. Although, the rain kept some away but the few that showed up, went in a shopping palooza. It was a lot of fun. The food and drinks were also great.

Jewelry in display.

Selection, selection…

  Can’t complaint about the turned. It was great!


Moving On Up To The…

And I am moving on up to the East Side… Nope, I am not the Jefferson’s. It is the in and outs of readying for an event.

 My schizophrenic work table. Yes, I am even surprised I am able to find a thing or got anything done but this is my “normal”.

Where I have Been?

I have not disappeared. I have been traveling the world. 2012 was a blast. I will share the stories later.