Status 102

With the pillows all ready to go, I now shift to selecting the first jewelry pieces. The selection won’t be easy as the designs differ. It will be interesting to see which ones will make the first round.

All Stacked Up

The first sets of pillows are ready to be photographed but filing them up was the hardest thing imaginable!


Just Precious

It is a bird, it is a flower; no it is a beige pillow simply assorted that will make any sofa smile.

Night or Day

Whatever tickles your fancy. You can use it with a beautiful, i.e. yellow, summer dress. Any attire that will contrast it and make it stand up.

Silver Collar

This piece has been sold. The person who bought it, chose to remove the dividing black beads and leaving it as one simple metallic piece.


Just a Note

I am in the midst of selecting the first pieces for the store and am overwhelmed. From 02 up to 07, it was just painting, painting, painting; mad strokes without focus or direction, just to pass time. It later evolved to what it is today. Now, I am picking the first ones and I am going bananas. I am in over my head. It is like detaching myself from myself. I hope to use the long weekend for the objective.


In The Morning In The Evening...

Fun bag for any occasion.

Random Thoughts

I mean talking about making things up. This paint was nowhere close to what it looks today when I begun it. First, it was the vital colors that went off cue. So, I applied a few more coats and it finally got to where I wanted it. Then nightmare struck, paint splashed everywhere, and I had to come up with ways to either cover them up or incorporate them into the design; hence the little circles. It actually reminds me of stained designer glass.


The Ballet Dancer

How appropriate! You can take this bag anywhere and it complements any color: yellow, green, purple, red, black or brown. The front of the bag off course is my design and it is made of cotton with a little accent of silk on the back. The top/back is adorned with hand stitched red beads. This bag is to dye for. I personally would buy it for myself.


Status 101

The building of the store is taking shape. Tonight, I finally completed all the cases and the pillows. Will have to put them together and take the pictures. I have also taken pictures of some the bags. No talk on the tapestries for now.


The BrokenFace

This face was made with a lot love but it broke coming out of the kiln. I was saddened because it took me a good while to create. I was still learning the colors and got stuck bringing them together, as they do not appear the same after firing. It needed at least three cotes. It closely resembles the original drawing but needed more substance in the background.

My Brush With Ceramics

I was in the mood to learn a new medium. So, I signed up for ceramic classes at our Community College.

It was a challenge because I really hate mud, especial sticking my hands in it. Since I was eager to learn, I immediately dove into it. I was excited. I wanted to do this and do that; I was so into it that I conjured up a scenario to transfer a few of my drawings to ceramic.

Wait! I was dreaming way to high; I was yet a master on the subject. Still, it did not stop me from trying.