When An Artist, Count On Anything

I am yet to see an artist who has not experienced this. Luckily, it did not spill over the picture.

If you got a spill, use the spoon to gently skim off the top layer and then use a wet cloth to cleanup the surface.

And voila!



An Innovative Idea

I saw this at our local restaurant the other day and I thought I would share. Do you have beer bottles laying around the house somewhere? I hope not but one never know.  Don't throw away the bottle, recycle it in your own home. Make a beautiful chandelier or a candelabra. If you soon plan to renovate your home and are searching for something unique and different, run over to your attic. You will not only be saving the planet but have a exquisite peace in your media, game or billiard room. What a beautiful idea on how to best use a bottle.