Made 2 Order

I was commissioned to make two bags for two special teenagers. Here they are

The only bad thing, she is noseless. I forgot to paint the nose.

Bag1  Side1

Bag1  Side2 

Bag2  Side1

Bag2  Side2


When An Artist, Count On Anything

I am yet to see an artist who has not experienced this. Luckily, it did not spill over the picture.

If you got a spill, use the spoon to gently skim off the top layer and then use a wet cloth to cleanup the surface.

And voila!



An Innovative Idea

I saw this at our local restaurant the other day and I thought I would share. Do you have beer bottles laying around the house somewhere? I hope not but one never know.  Don't throw away the bottle, recycle it in your own home. Make a beautiful chandelier or a candelabra. If you soon plan to renovate your home and are searching for something unique and different, run over to your attic. You will not only be saving the planet but have a exquisite peace in your media, game or billiard room. What a beautiful idea on how to best use a bottle.


An Awesome Mistake

Every now and then we make mistakes that in the long run, turn out something interesting, catching, even better that what we had envisioned. Case in point, this pillow for example. The intention was to have the flowers to appear in the upper right position, the most obvious and logical layout. However, it was not until a few minutes later that I realized I had sewn the zipper in the incorrect position, in the opposite of the intended side. I was disappointed! Since I did not want to cut the fabric or remove and reattach the zipper, I began to think on ways to correct the error. I decided to turn the half done pillow around and to my dismay, I liked what I saw. And so it is. Instead of the flowers appear now on top as expected, they now appear at the bottom contrary to what I envisioned. Not bad!



The Final Product


Sneak Peek at New Ndebele Collection!!!

It is almost complete but I do not seem to end it. When I think I am done with one pillow, I seem to find another one to add to the pack. I got to stop, finish it and move on to the next one. Otherwise, I will never be done.



It Does Not Happen Often!

Working on the latest collection and unthinkable that has not occurred in a while just happened, I broke a needle.


An Array of Flowers

My latest fabric. Funny, this not always looked like this. I have changed it but can't seem to find the old picture. It is fuchsia, gold and red, and it is on its way on becoming a pillow unless, there are other suggestions. Give me a buzz if you have other ideas.


Two Fifty, My Brain In Progress

This is how my brain works. I am sleeping, I dream, I weak up at 2:50AM with an idea, colors and all. I walk up to my working table, half asleep and put it all down on a piece of paper.  I go back to sleep, lay in my bed and my brain begins to wonder again. This time I shoot it down. I look forward to create whatever it is soon. Will it be a pillow, a bag or tapestry? I have no idea but considering, it came out well and will soon turn into something gorgeous. Stay tuned!


Nature In Action

I visited the aquarium in Tampa, FL over the weekend and took these amazing pictures. It thought about BP and what is going in the Gulf right now, how the environment has been tainted and what can possibly be happening to these creatures. They have no voice...



Tasty Eats

Candies anyone?! They look might tasty to me. Just pop one in your mouth and let it melt away. Sorry, not a go!


They are just gorgeous havaianas as they are called in Brazil and this is how they arrived to me. I thought they were huge candies, not! They are a bawl of creativity more to be displayed for their artistry than worn. Their slogan says it all, "They don't lose their shape, don't smell and the straps don't get loose". I just love their prints, colors, models and fun images they display. To learn more, visit  http://usa.havaianas.com/en-US/home/

Is It Pink Or Is It Blue?!

Tomorrow will come! I have been posting the subject all over and many are thinking the unthinkable. No, it is not that but the big announcement is tomorrow. Hint, hint... it is blue!


Almost a Month

I can't believe it has been almost a month now, I have been working on the site. Being a perfectionist that I am, off course I did not expect it to be simple. I do not want to put something out just for the sake of putting something out. I wanted to put something that will not only appeal to me but also everyone else. I am almost there. I am this close and will unveil the end product soon. I am excited but yet weary of the outcome as my life will perhaps alter but with excitement.


Not Yet Named

This handbag has a story. It was actually the very first bag I created. It looked different, it had a mind of its own and I did not like it. So, it just stayed there in a corner waiting for a miracle. I would look at it whenever looking for an idea but nothing would stick. I obviously had no idea what I wanted to do with any bag less again this one. Apparently, the creative juices had not kicked in, not taken over yet.

Months passed before I took another look at it and one day, it hit me.  This is the way I work. I set things aside. I may not see its use for the moment but it will come to me later. So, I never throw anything away, I always see the use for it.

As you can see, it was completely redesigned. I added more vibrant colors, combined the two fabrics since blue and green goes together but was not too kin on using silk.  

So, I painted another piece of a complementary color just for the side and voila! I have not yet named her; hopefully, I will soon but here she is. Don't you like what she looks today? Where to take her, where to take her...


My New Concept of Yellow...

Huge grapefruits! I have seen them big but not this big. Found them on my way to America's mother store, Walmart. These things were bigger than new born's head. I should have measured them but take it from me, they were this big.

One Awesome Beetle

I was heading home the other day when I came across this beautiful work of art. I wonder if VW is even aware of it and how long it took the owner to work on the design. It is even cuter from the side but it is pink in front. Is it in honor of the movie? Whatever it is, I think it is awesome!



I am working on the ampablue website, yes I am doing it myself and praying that it will look appealing in the end but it does not appear to be going as fast I would like it to be going. This looks good today but not so appealing tomorrow. It is always about the design, the text, the color not matching; the content, the pictures but in the end, hopefully, I am just looking for one awesome product .


Before and After

I just love what H.J. Heinz Co. did with the ketchup packet. After 40 years of the same old design, they unveiled a new shaped like a shallow cup packet last Thursday. Not only that they got creative, innovative showcasing new designs by elementary school children across U.S.. Here are just some examples, they are cute!

Sarah J. 1st Grade
Bay Heaven Charter Academy, FL
Esmeralda D., 4th Grade
Norma Butler Bossard, FL


Red + Gold = Scarf

Over the holidays, I was commissioned to create a piece for Judith Joseph, the chair person for the Annual Breakfast with Santa, a charitable organization benefiting the Haitian American Children in Miami areas. The piece was presented to her at the event that was held on December 20 at JW Marriott Brickell in downtown.

All I was told by the co-chair person, Dr. Dominique Saliba, was to “…create something, anything but it has to be red and gold, in the spirit of Christmas. It is for Judith, you know; she works so hard for this event every year – this was their 3rd – and I believe she deserves something interesting and I want you to make it”.

We ended up with a 70” X 25” red on gold painted silk scarf. It was not easy to paint on silk but an endearing and rewarding journey to say the least. There is always a first.