The New Marriage in Louis Vuitton World

Louis Vuitton latest collaboration is Japanese modern artist Yayoi Kusama. The artist took polka-dot to new heights in their new collaboration, the new collection officially title, Infinitely Kusama. The collection will be available in October in all Vuitton's 463 boutiques but also a few Kusama only pop-up shops as indicated below.

Click here to view the collection
Click here to view artist Yayoi Kusama body of work.

Can you see yourself in there? Maybe not so fun for the lightheaded people.

Dots dots everywhere...

Funky huh?!

I love the color combination. Some people would call it carnival, others will call it just perfect!

The bags are mainly Vuitton classics redone in Monogram Vernis leather with Kusama’s signature spots, and the shoes just artistically created.

 I wonder if she will do any jewelry. 

The shoes are also a delight. 

Where is the party at? Too bad I can't parade the headscarf at the office!

To the park I am not but to the office I am. 

The world of Yayoi Kusama. Do you see yourself in any of the pieces?