Not Yet Named

This handbag has a story. It was actually the very first bag I created. It looked different, it had a mind of its own and I did not like it. So, it just stayed there in a corner waiting for a miracle. I would look at it whenever looking for an idea but nothing would stick. I obviously had no idea what I wanted to do with any bag less again this one. Apparently, the creative juices had not kicked in, not taken over yet.

Months passed before I took another look at it and one day, it hit me.  This is the way I work. I set things aside. I may not see its use for the moment but it will come to me later. So, I never throw anything away, I always see the use for it.

As you can see, it was completely redesigned. I added more vibrant colors, combined the two fabrics since blue and green goes together but was not too kin on using silk.  

So, I painted another piece of a complementary color just for the side and voila! I have not yet named her; hopefully, I will soon but here she is. Don't you like what she looks today? Where to take her, where to take her...

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