Beading, The Making of a Bracelet

I stumbled into beading one day when I found myself looking for a new store since the one I usually bought beads from, closed down. I searched the net and found Clasp on-Clasp off, The Artists Choice (www.beadneed.com). I was mesmerized by what I saw. Like one of the ladies said, "I reach a climax every time I come to the store" and I can attest to that. Love going there and love to learn new things every week. It definitely keeps me occupied.

This is the second item I have made and the first bracelet. I hope to do more and more because I have found another passion. 

What you will need...

The process...
 TP 01

  TP 02

  TP 03

  TP 04

 TP 05

  TP 06

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