In Search of Anything Made In The USA

It was one beautiful weekend and sales, sales, sales signs were plastered everywhere. So, what a girl to do other then go shopping.

I looked through both designer and non designer garments but as I was picking through each, it suddenly dawned on me that every piece of clothing I was touching, was “born somewhere else”, they were all “foreigner”.

 Made in Vietnam

 Made in China

 Made in India

 Made in Indonesia

I searched but could not find one piece made in… Hawaii or California or Alaska or Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands. They were all confectionated somewhere else. This is my quest to find that garment, any garment Made In The USA. Hopefully, it will be a easy search. Hopefully, I will find it tomorrow or before year’s end. I am going on a scavenger hunt for that one garment. And the search begins but if you find one, don't hesitate to post it!

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