Glittered Out

Its universal language in sewing world is, alterations but I like to call it “fixing”.

A friend of mine called me the other day with her up, she was going to a wedding but the dress she bought, was to big, if I could do "your magic". Well, I love challenges. I haven’t seen a fabric I haven’t conquered yet, so I was on but… hmmm, wait. 

The dress was lovely, simple, cute and it beautifully accentuated her Latina body but there was a catch, an issue of major minor proportion, glitter. Glitter that din't know how to behave and had a mind of its own that by the time I was done working on the dress, I had 911 on speed dial. 

There was glitter anywhere glitter could land. It was all over the table - thank you plastic cover for coming to my rescue, floor, my dress, my face, my hands and yes, shower was on the menu and came handy. I was glittered out in glitterland. 

Needless to say, it didn’t matter. It was all about her. She is such a townboy, always in shorts and pants, and it was nice to see her all glamoured out for a change. She, second from the right, looked cute and adorable. I am glad she had fun and enjoyed her childhood friend’s wedding and I am glitter free. Oh well, until the next adventure.

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