The Great Graduation Cap Idea

It is that time of the year again: graduation. The time when you go wild and nuts about "yes I did it" moment. The time when you think about traveling the world over, learn about other cultures, perhaps move to a new city and make new friends. It is graduation, the right of passage of I am on my own now, welcome to adulthood. It is graduation, the time you line up in formation with all your classmates, walk across the podium to get that coveted piece of paper, your diploma and hear the roar in the audience. It is graduation, the time to say goodbye to roommates and friends, be excited about your new stage of your life, begin anew and say, let the party begin.

And then there is the cap. I never understood the fascination with cap decoration. Perhaps, it is to explore and share your inner creativity, a competition of sorts between the graduates to see who comes up with the best cap idea; whatever it is, it is fun, entertaining. Mine was plain and boring.

A friend of mine forwarded me a picture of her niece's graduation cap and I thought I would share. She did a pretty good job, a meticulous one I may add. It conveys a story. It doesn't take a genius to know what her major was, teaching is a work of heart. Yes indeed. I love it!

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