National French Fry Day

Yes, today is National French Fry Day. I mean what could be more Americana then celebrate a greasy but tasty food that can incite all the awful diseases and not caring because it tastes good?! Call it food, call it snack, call it whatever you want, it is one my favorites indulgences and I am not one bit apologetic about it. I can eat a whole plate and be happy for the rest of the day, greasy or non-greasy. 

Since my eating french fries habit is such a rare once in the moon occurrence, I believe my blood pressure and heart can handle it then again, the last time I had french fries, it was a year ago; so, I am excused. 

In case you would like to celebrate the day and do not have time to cook, rush to McDonalds, they have one of the best. Add chicken and vegetables to it, and you have a meal. I tasted them all but this one beats the cake.  

Happy National French Fry Day!

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